Man of the Match: Manchester United vs Fulham (Premier League)

With just one League match remaining, on Sunday, yesterday’s draw was enough to ensure that United finish in second place, for the second consecutive season. This thanks to Chelsea beating Leicester City, also giving Liverpool fresh hope of making it into the top four, should they beat Burnley tonight.

Yesterday’s result was another disappointment, United having now failed to win their last three home encounters. In front of 10,000 United fans, the Reds had once again several opportunities to put the game to bed, which they repeatedly failed to do so. The only bright light being Cavani’s brilliant goal, his 9th in 10 games.

My Man of the Match is Mason Greenwood. In spite of missing a couple of excellent chances to win the game for United, and failing to lay  on passes when it would have been preferable to shooting, his positioning on the right wing gave him plenty of opportunities in attack.

One observation I feel necessary to make is the referee’s attitude to time wasting. In the Liverpool match, as the match neared its end, Liverpool, understandably, as they were ahead, took ages to even take a throw in, the ref pointing to his watch to show he was keeping time. However no such time was then added on. Same again yesterday. The Fulham keeper was booked for time wasting. Yet not a second more was given. It, looks like it is worth a booking to gain those precious seconds and get the result.

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