Terms and Conditions

To apply for match tickets you must agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. MUSC Malta offers match ticket services for Manchester United games played at Old Trafford to local Supporters’ Club members ONLY. Tickets for away games are NOT available.

2. Tickets are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Once all tickets are reserved for a match, the match in question shall be listed as FULLY BOOKED.

3. MUSC Malta will first offer seats from the Supporters’ Club season tickets allocation. Seats are located in Block N2403 and Block NW3431. As from season 2021/2022 tickets to access Old Trafford stadium are digital tickets. The Match Tickets Coordinator at the Supporters Club shall provide guidance on what is required to have the ticket transferred to you accordingly.

4. Once all the Supporters’ Club’s season tickets are FULLY BOOKED, local members can still apply for tickets through the Supporters’ Club Official Membership ticket application process. Local members must first pay the Official Manchester United Membership (click here). For this type of match ticket application ALL persons entering the stadium must be Official Manchester United Members. MUSC Malta would require all Official Manchester United Membership numbers to be able to file an application before the deadlines indicated. The seating location is at the discretion of the Membership and Ticketing Office. Seats may be allocated in any stand as decided by the Membership and Ticketing Office. Applicants are not entitled to choose the stand.

5. MUSC Malta is NOT responsible for any expenses incurred by the member requesting the ticket/s prior to official confirmation from MUSC Malta in writing via email.

6. MUSC Malta is NOT responsible for any fixture change issued by Manchester United. Date and time of games whose time is listed as TBC are yet to be confirmed by Manchester United.

7. Members can apply for tickets using our online application or via email [email protected]

8. Once application is received, applicant shall be personally contacted by MUSC Malta.

9. Applications for Premier League ‘A’ games i.e. against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and the last home game of the season AND Champions League games post group stage are ONLY available for members who were local Supporters Club members last season and have renewed this year’s membership OR are ready to pay 3 years membership in advance. ALL people acquiring a ticket for any of these games must be in line with this measure.

10. Applications for the remaining Premier League games are also available for people who opt to become new members. If more than 1 ticket is required, at least one person has to be a local Supporters’ Club member. Membership can be paid online from here.

11. MUSC Malta will not entertain individual requests for match tickets for game/s which the Supporters’ Club has decided to organize a tour for. Applications for tickets listed as TOUR will be automatically rejected.

12. MUSC Malta reserves the right to reject any match ticket application.


For any other information which is not listed above please either phone 21223531 during opening hours or phone 99468212 (if weekdays, after 6pm)

If you agree to the above terms and conditions and would like to apply for match tickets please click here.