Where Has the Ruthlessness Gone?

After a positive pre-season as well as a very positive result versus Chelsea, the last two matches against Wolves and Crystal Palace handed the supporters and the team a reality check, but what is wrong with this club?

Most of the critics will point out that a lack of investment has affected the team and to a certain extent it is difficult to contest this argument. However, “ruthlessness” is something which has been missing from this team for more than six years and Manchester United will continue to suffer more disappointing results as long as this issue is not addressed.

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A few years ago, such disappointing performances used to happen during every season under Sir Alex Ferguson but ruthlessness in the team used to cover for such mistakes. In fact, on most occasions, goals were shared between the whole team in particular Cole, Yorke, Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Van Nistelrooy, Saha, Ronaldo, Rooney, Van Persie, Tevez, together with other defenders such as Vidic and Ferdinand who used to grasp opportunities to score when presented to them. Ruthlessness extends beyond simply scoring goals and can be interpreted as a mindset which makes the team fight for every ball and not switch off in moments during the match.

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Unfortunately, in the current Manchester United team, such ruthlessness is totally absent and as a result, Manchester United are allowing teams to take the match away from them, which is costing the side too many silly points. The last two performances emphasise exactly this point where the Red Devils had more than one occasion to close the match but on every occasion, the players did not take advantage.

Great football teams will always punish other sides when opportunities are not taken. Excellent examples of such teams have been the past Manchester United sides in the 1990s and mid 2000s, the Chelsea side of Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte as well as the current Liverpool and Manchester City sides. Unless Manchester United address this issue, it is more or less very likely that the club will continue to under-perform.

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