Manchester United v Sheffield United: 3 Things We Noticed

Martial hat-trick punishes the Blades in easy win for United

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  1. This Manchester United team is starting to gel together nicely and will continue to progress, even if there are no acquisitions in the summer. It was an easy win for United at the end and they could have scored another three goals to add to Martial’s first hat-trick in his professional career.  They controlled the game from beginning till the end, bar a period of 10 minutes in the first half, when Sheffield United created a couple of half chances.  United were good in possession and also in pressing their opponents when the ball was lost.  They also showed maturity to control the game and pace the tempo at will, after they had raced ahead to a two-goal advantage.  Two further comments on the first sentence above.  First, the experience and composure shown by Matic to support Pogba and Fernandes as they controlled the midfield and created chances, while also highlighting the positive performance of young Mason Greenwood.  Secondly, the fact that this team will continue to improve should not hold back United to add a couple of names for next season, but not in midfield.  Sancho and Koulibaly. Period.
  2. Rashford is truly a gem of a player. The speed, the touch of the ball, his dribbling and power in the shot and also his passion for the game all remind me of Cristiano Ronaldo.  He was excellent again today against the Blades and he added a couple of assists to his impressive goal contributions this season.  The one area Marcus needs to work on and improve to become a world class player is finishing.  He scores goals and is always a danger in and around the box but he should score many more.  In the first half, Rash missed two easy chances when through on goal and for a striker, goals are important especially for confidence.  Maybe he is not ruthless enough, maybe he panics in front of goal or possibly he is over-confident and does not put the adequate attention on his finishing.  Whatever it is, he needs to sort it out…yesterday.
  3. The past four days since the match drawn at Spurs, there was a debate in the written and social media on whether Henderson should replace De Gea as United’s number one as from next season. I feel that I should wield in with my opinion on the argument.  Definitely no.  Henderson is promising but is still too inexperienced and not ready to be United’s goalkeeper.  Ole came to De Gea’s rescue after the howler against Spurs and dubbed his Number 1 as the best goalkeeper in the world.  I would say that De Gea is in the top six keepers in the world, maybe not the best but he certainly has been a fantastic servant to United over the years and that mistake in the previous match does not change anything.

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