Burnley get a precious point at OT

Man Utd 1

Burnley 1

More points dropped at home against a Burnley side that is fighting to stay in the EPL. The fact that we struggle against the likes of Sheffield United and Burnlet says it all really!

Burnley were the most dangerous team in the first half and Onana had to pull off a good save from a header. Most other saves were routine but he has this annoying trait of overacting all saves he makes – even the simple ones. Anyways, fast forward to the 80th minute in a drab affair with very little quality on the pitch and Burnley gave us a gift  – Antony raced into the box and scored his first EPL goals of the season (in April!). 10 minutes to go, plenty of time to score a second we would have said in the good old days. Instead, we looked at each other and said still time for this lot to mess it up! Casemiro and Onana did just that with 3 niutes to go. Casemiro’s header back towards the keeper was not a good idea at all, and Onano going out for it was even worse, especially if your timing is pretty much awful! Clear pen as the Burnley player was clattered. 1-1.

Hojlund making faces when substituted after combining zilch in 65 minutes could be interpreted in many ways. The boy is running his socks off and service is terrible, but the relaity is he does not make the best use of the few balls he is given and we need another striker next season (and a keeper, and a holding midfielder, and a centre hals – as a bare minimum).

Some supporters were complaining that we should have had a pen, or even two. I think the hands ball incident was a pen as the arm was not close enough to the body but quite frankly, we should not be needing penalties to beat Burnley at home! Any half decent United team would have got 3 points today…Numquam Moribimur!

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