United fail to keep pace with the early leaders as they fall to Villa at Old Trafford

  1. United wasted an opportunity to keep their place at the top of the table with Liverpool and Chelsea at this early stage of the season, as we lost to a spirited Villa side at home. Dean Smith’s side – still getting to grips with the loss of their talisman Grealish in the summer – gave it a real go at Old Trafford and contrary to what most teams do when they visit Manchester, they battled United all over the pitch, similar to the style deployed by Bielsa at Leeds.  These tactics should have been good news for United, who with the impressive attacking talent in their ranks, would certainly find plenty of spaces especially on the break.  Indeed, United had 28 shots at goal over the whole match, which on another day would have seen them comfortable winners.  Unfortunately, our forwards were not precise today.  Greenwood must have had around ten attempts on goal on his own, which were either blocked, saved or off the mark while Bruno blasted an injury time penalty wildly over the bar.  I was frankly surprised to see Bruno pick the ball to take the penalty kick with Ronaldo around, particularly in injury time with the pressure at that time.  In reality, Bruno has a better percentage ratio than Ronaldo from the spot and we know his capability.  It was not to be and United lost at home for the first time this season.  Credit to Villa for their part in an entertaining match and also for a well worked set-piece from which they scored the single goal in the match. Disappointing but we lick our wounds and we go again on Wednesday in the Champions League.
  2. Armchair critics will come out in force after today’s loss against Villa and they will surely lay into Ole as Manchester United manager. To make it worse, this defeat comes on the back of another loss in midweek against West Ham in the Carabao Cup.  I’ve heard comments that Ole does not know the game, that he does not make the right substitutions, that he does not make the theatrics like Klopp and other coaches do, that he has won nothing, bla bla bla.  And today I will probably read that Ronaldo should have taken the penalty, that Fred is hopeless, also McTominay, that Pogba should play in midfield, etc.  Frankly I am really annoyed with these idiots that think that because they have an opinion which is different from the Manager’s, which is perfectly fine, they can also slate Ole and ridicule him.  I did not agree with some of the substitutions on Wednesday against West Ham but I acknowledge two main points.  First, that I may not be aware of any injuries there were, loss of form, lack of fitness, lack of desire in training during the week, fatigue, etc that players could have.  And second, I can rest assured that if there is one player that wants to win, it’s the Manager, not only because his head could roll but also because Ole is a fan and loves United wholeheartedly.  Hence why in Ole I trust…
  3. Special mention today is for Mason Greenwood. He could have had a hattrick against Villa but he did not manage to find the net.  He might have taken the wrong decision with some of his shots  There could have been situations where maybe he should have passed but this boy is a superstar in the making.  His directness, neat touches, speed and trickery and also endeavor will take him to the top.


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