Time to Drop De Gea

If I had to ask somebody, how it feels to be on a rollercoaster, most of my questions would be targeted to Manchester United fans since it is almost impossible to describe how the team can go from such encouraging performances against Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City to the mediocrity we see week and week out against lower ranked teams.

Most of the critics or supporters will point to the team’s youngsters as one of the reasons for the lack of consistency of the team while others will blame the manager.

As a United fan, what is concerning me the most is the poor performances from senior players which include Anthony Martial and David De Gea. In fact, it is fair to say that the Spanish Goalkeeper has not been the same keeper who saved Manchester United so many times in previous seasons. On the other side of the coin, sitting on the bench, there is currently an Argentinian goalkeeper who has showed a lot of consistency throughout the years and has helped the Red Devils to win trophies or advance in domestic cups. As things stand, it might be in the best interest of both De Gea and the club to give him some rest and introduce Sergio Romero to the starting line-up against Newcastle. After all, competition for starting places can only help De Gea to improve and get back to his best.

As we are closing on another year, it is fair to say that it has been a very tough year for Manchester United fans and unless tough decisions are made, it is likely that the recent struggles will continue on the pitch.

Anyways, Happy Christmas to everybody and let’s hope for a much better 2020! Glory Glory Man United!

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