Super-sub Greenwood’s strike not enough for United to make it three wins in a row

1. Every manager or coach has his philosophy of how to play football and how the team shape should be. Ole’s 4-3-3 with an attacking midfielder linking up play behind three strikers is also my favourite one and United have generally played in that manner for the last few years. Several players have been tried in that position but none of them has managed to make the position his own. Lingard is on and off very quickly and is not creative enough. Pereira is hard working but still short of linking up play properly. Mata is past his best. My hope was on young Angel Gomes but apparently, he’s not ready yet. Hence, in the continued absence of Pogba – who I would like to see there when he’s match fit – we don’t have the players to play in that shape. Ole has to change the system and cannot continue trying to fit square pegs in round holes. Play two up-front is probably the solution, similar to when Greenwood came on for Lingard but play the players where they can deliver most. Rashford cannot be shifted from the left-wing position. Young Mason Greenwood is our most deadly finisher – again shown today – so play him up-front where he can do the most damage. We cannot continue to lose points against weaker teams, particularly at home. Simply cannot.

2. No excuses but how on earth that Everton goal was allowed is beyond believe. In normal circumstances, when a goalkeeper is nudged in the air, it is always a freekick in his favour. Always. De Gea had an arm from the Everton striker in his face when he attempted to punch the ball and even in the event that Oliver – who hates us with a passion – did not see the offence, that’s where the VAR should step in and make the right call. Even the heavily biased Souness admitted that there was a clear offence in the goal. This was a goal that cost us two further points today. That said, in a week’s time, the referee’s association will come out with an apology, so don’t worry. Morons.

3. I have to say that I am concerned with what I consider as lack of passion from some of the players, also noticed in today’s match. Few of our players are showing the urgency which supporters want to see from their team. Fred, Wan Bissaka, McTominay are the ones I would absolve right away. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the other players are not hurt when we lose points but we certainly lost that purposeful tenacity which we had in the Sir Alex and Roy Keane days, the stubbornness to fight for every ball as if our lives depended on it because losing points is not accepted in the dressing room. We need that back. Sometimes I feel that Ole, Carrick and Kieran are too nice. Maybe it’s time for Ole to add to his coaching staff. Roy Keane anyone?

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