Man of the Match: Man Utd vs PSG (UEFA Champions League)

A simple recipe to lose a football match against a top side! Miss the target when shooting into  a practically empty net. Fail to capitalize on your dominance. Head-butt or push your head aggressively into an opposition player as early in the game as possible. If you are fortunate enough not to get red-carded continue tackling dangerously during the whole half. Make sure you are not replaced at half-time leaving other capable players on the bench, until you are yellow-carded again and thus sent off. You thus play the rest of the match with ten men. Thus giving your opponents the opportunity to play with an extra man.

Being United fans we are used to having to wait till the very end before we have cause for celebration, and this result leaves Manchester United facing a tense evening in Germany next week, still needing a point from our final game in RB Leipzig to qualify for the last 16. Paul Pogba has put our mind at rest, tweeting, ‘Not our day but we’re still in this! Heads up’. While Bruno Fernandes has written on Instagram: “Heads up, we have to fight until the last game and we will do it’.

In my view the player that had the greatest impact on the game was Scott McTominay. He showed why he was recalled to the side with a mature contribution in midfield. The Scot’s aggression unsettled PSG. His late tackle in the first half on Neymar when he trod on Neymar’s ankle, accidentally of course, set the tone for a dominant start to the second half.

United now face a difficult away game to West Ham on Saturday before flying to Germany for that all important match on Tuesday evening.

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