Addressing a Toxic Blaming Culture

There were times were the International Break used to bring with it anxiety and a very long weekend since fans had to pray that key players do not get injured during international duty as well as having to spend a weekend without watching your favourite football club. This time around, in some ways, such breaks can help us to reflect on the current situation of our football club which in many ways is so sad and heartbreaking to witness.

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In any organisation, there are always going to be highs and lows. Unfortunately however, it is the way the organisation deals with the hard times that shows its true value. For example, in a football club, when things are going well, the team and the manager tends to get a lot of the compliments however when things are moving in the opposite direction, the manager tends to be the first one to get the sack. Manchester United has been in this direction before during the last six years and unfortunately for the club, it seems that a toxic blaming culture seems to be the norm of the day.

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In fact, the current situation at the club sees most Manchester United supporters divided regarding the roots of the club’s issues with some blaming the owners together with Ed Woodward whilst others see the Manager as not up to the standard required for a club the size of Manchester United. Whilst it is very important to highlight that such influential stakeholders in the club should bear some part of the responsibility, it is never healthy when an organisation is pulling in different directions. From this point of view, it is imperative that the interest of the club is treated as a priority and that each stakeholder at Manchester United works towards the common good of the club which is the quality of the product on the pitch. From the past experiences, by now Manchester United should know that sacking another manager or else blaming the CEO and the owners for the current issues at the club is more or less likely to do more harm than good.

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