Updated Club Statute

As per the decision taken in our Annual General Meeting held at the Supporters’ Club on the 22nd July 2022, the club’s Statute has been updated as per below:


  1. The membership fee is split into the following categories:
  • Junior Member (0-12 years);
  • Youth Member (13-15 years);
  • Adult Member (16-65 years);
  • Senior Member (66 years and over);
  • Life Member;
  • Family Member (2 adults and children under 15 years);
  • Overseas Member;
  • International Member;

The amendment has been proposed by Robert Mizzi and seconded by Joseph Tedesco.

We invite you to familiarize yourselves with the Statute which governs our beloved supporters’ club by visiting: https://www.manutd-malta.com/club-committee/club-statute/