New Electricity Project at MUSC Malta

Since we moved to the current premises in December 1995, the electricity system at the Club has been subject to numerous changes and ad hoc additions. In recent years, the need to carry out a complete overhaul on the whole electricity system of the Supporters Club was becoming more critical. With the bar currently in transition and the Club closed for safety we thought that we would never have a better chance.

Just before the Corona Virus struck, we were actually preparing for this project. We needed the help of an electrical engineer. Nirvana, daughter of Committee member Egidio Sciberras, gently offered to help us with drawing the ‘as-is’ and the ‘should-be’ scenarios. We must say she had quite a daunting task trying to work out the electrical maze we currently have at the Club. During our last physical Committee meeting in March she presented to us the required documentation.

During the past weeks we approached two of our long-standing members, Alex and Maurice Muscat, who are very experienced in the field of electrical installation and we asked them if they are ready to take the task. Thankfully they accepted the challenge and as you read this enewsletter, the project is in full flow.

In order to have an organized system in the main hall, the famous red velvet border displaying all the Man Utd honours decorating the circumference of the hall, had to be removed. Cable trays have been installed all around and these shall be covered by a new border which shall be designed by Club member Matthew Sullivan. The Committee would like to take the opportunity to thank one of the Club’s long-standing members George Ciappara who has been the curator of the red velvet border from day one. Parts of the border have been kept intact and when the Club opens the door again, any members who would like to keep a piece as a souvenir would be more than welcome.

In true and actual fact, even though we were planning for this project, we did not have the budget for it. Like all other organisations similar to ours, the current situation shall be leaving a negative financial impact on our Supporters Club. Unfortunately, this was not our best season financially and Covid-19 will make it even worse. Last season we had to go through a lot of expenses to pay for the 60th anniversary celebrations so we were planning that this year would be a recovery year from a financial point of view. However we could not resist not taking this golden opportunity to implement this project. This was not about an optional embellishment. This was about making sure we have a safe environment at the Club. Situation wise, the timing for it was perfect. Financially it’s a risk we have to take.

We are obviously fully aware of the current situation where many people are struggling financially hence we are not surely expecting support from who is in need. However, if there are any Club members who are in a position to help us with a donation, whatever the amount, it would be highly appreciated. We thank those who would like to help but are not in a position. We thank in advance anyone who can afford donating any amount. Here is how you can donate:

We would like to thank you for your support and as you can imagine we are so much looking forward now to be able to unveil the new electricity system and the newly designed border very soon.