MU Foundation and Puttinu Cares

The Manchester United Foundation has teamed up with the 240 Supporters Club around the world to help tackle the social and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on young people. £240,000 sterling have been committed for this initiative whereby each Supporters Club is urged to nominate a local charity to benefit from an initial £500 donation from this fund. The Supporters Clubs are being encouraged to create a fundraising initiative to collect more funds for the local charity nominated and the Man Utd Foundation will then double the amount collected to a maximum of £500, meaning the total amount the local charity could benefit from the fund would be up to £1000. Click here for more details about this amazing initiative.

MUSC Malta has chosen Puttinu Cares as the beneficiary for this initiative. We have created a fundraising page, linked with the MU Foundation campaign on Virgin Money Giving, whereby you can contribute your donation towards this cause. Any donation above £1 will be added to the funds which shall be raised for Puttinu Cares. Donors can either donate and furnish us with their details or donate anonymously. Those who donate £5 or more and jot down the contact details will automatically be participating in a raffle. MUSC Malta will draw a name and the lucky person will win a ticket for a match of his/her choice at Old Trafford.

Click here to donate.

Thank You for supporting the Manchester United Foundation campaign towards Puttinu Cares Foundation.