Manchester is RED – United at the Double!

1. Martial’s goal for United is every manager’s dream. A move straight from the training ground. When you have a technical maestro like Fernandes playing for your team, then a manager can prepare those tactical free kicks. Bruno’s pass from the dead ball was sublime. He literally put it on a plate for Martial, although it has to be said that the latter’s coordination skill to hit a ball coming from behind him has to be underlined. Ole and his management team have to take some credit for the freekick and how it was planned. It was probably drilled in training a hundred times and seeing it happen in front of your eyes is as already said, a manager’s dream.

2. In my opinion, Tony Martial had his best performance of the season. He was a continuous threat to that City back line with his pace and trickery. He scored a fantastic goal and had a couple of dangerous shots on goal. Tony held the ball very well upfront and his understanding with Bruno is improving with every training session. Apart from that though, he worked so hard for the team in midfield and in defence. He remained disciplined against a team that attempt to drain the opposition with their possession game. I expected this improvement from Martial though. That is what competition brings. The acquisition of Ighalo has pushed Tony forward. He knows that he needs to perform because the competition for places is increasing and with Pogba and Rashford still to make their returns, it will become more intense.

3. I said last week that Ole has brought on this team a long way over the last year or so. This team is maturing rapidly, although they are still young. They have become resilient to adversity and disciplined tactically. Technically we’ve improved not just with the new additions but also with the improvement that the players are showing on the pitch. We are better in defence, midfield and attack. We do not have a squad to win trophies consistently yet but we are good enough to win against everyone out there, on our day. We just need three players in the summer to be on top of every other team or at least competing at the top on all fronts. One in defence, one on the right flank and a centre forward. That is if all the players in the squad remain at United. Just three players but they have to be head and shoulders above others. I will mention my preferences over the next articles but I will give a hint of my preferred defender today. 28 year old, left footed, man mountain, can play in a back four or five. Over to you to give me his name.

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