FA Cup Final Entrance – Man Utd vs Man City – 03.06.2023 KO 4.00pm

In anticipation of the expected interest this final will generate, and the resultant pressures on the Supporters’ Club and organisation on the day, the Committee would like to bring to your attention the following arrangements which will be enforced on match day.


  1. Club will open at 1.00pm, 3 hours before Kick Off. No people will be allowed in the Club before 1.00pm.


  1. The total amount of people who will be allowed in the club for the final will be 450, on a first come first served basis.There will be a few chairs available – priority to be given to elderly members.


  1. Security personnel will be at the door, with counters to ensure the limit is not exceeded. Once the limit is reached, no further people will be allowed in, even if they are Supporters’ Club members.


  1. ONLY Supporters’ Club members who present their current paid membership card (membership number ending /22) at the door, will be allowed into the club between 1.00pm and 3.00pm. Any non-members, including family, accompanying a member will NOT be allowed in with the member between 1 pm and 3pm and will have to wait up to 3 pm to be granted entry into the club, also on first come first served basis (unless the limit of 450 would have already been reached before 3 pm).
  1. Non-members may only be eligible to enter the club after 3.00pm, on first come first served basis, if the 450 limit would not have been reached by then. After 3.00pm Supporters’ Club members have to queue with non-members, i.e. they will get no priority.


  1. Members who have not renewed their 2022/23 membership have up to 31stMay 2023 to pay their membership, but the payment will not include 2023/24 membership.


  1. Members who have not renewed their 2021/22 membership or of prior years, will be able to pay for their 2022/23 membership up to 31stMay 2023, and their payment will include 2023/24 membership.


It is important that our members appreciate the necessity of having a system in place to ensure the proper management of the event, and the safe enjoyment of those choosing to experience the final at the supporters’ club. Observance of the above is highly appreciated.