Derby defeat – we’re so far away

Man Utd 0

Man City 3

This was painful. A couple of hours after assisting to a one-sided derby, I am still trying to find the right adjectives to describe United’s performance today. The best I can come up with is disjointed and disheartened.

United were never really in the game apart from the first 10 minutes. When Citeh got into their rhythm, we were left chasing shadows for the rest of the match and at times, and it pains me to say this, tremendously, it was embarrassing!

Now a lot of people may think that the title so far away is referring to where we are at this moment vis-a-vis our opponents today. It is not. It is referring to where we are today when compared to where ETHs United was one year ago. One year ago, we were picking up momentum after a bad start and many of us were seeing progress, with Varane and Licha keeping our defence compacts and Casemiro doing the job in front of the defence. The project was working.

In my opinion, this is where ETH has been set up to fail this season.We desperately needed a world class centre half to replace the injury prone Varane, and we got Evans. We needed Declan Rice to replace Casemiro whose legs started tiring after less than one EPL season. We got Amrabat.

Despite all this, today’s performance was unacceptable and we have not looked like a team at all this season. And here, ETH has nowhere to hide. This Citeh team that today beat us 3-0 and it could have been more had Onana not been out best player, was beaten by Wolves a few weeks ago.

Now let us just say that Wolves are, perhaps slightly less equipped than United in terms of personnel – they made up for it with passion and giving 100% – and beat the team that beat us 3-0 easily today. This shows how ETH is failing to motivate this lot to at least play within their capabilities – which may not be top notch, but definitely better than what we have seen so far this season.

It does look that ETH is losing the plot at this stage, I’m afraid. His insistence with Rashford and Bruno despite both players being out of form may very well cost him his job in the next couple of months. I have already written that he needs to trust the likes of Mejbri, Pellistri and Garnacho to save his job. Doing worse than the players on the field today is very difficult so I am expecting him to make wholesome changes in midweek.

The first 10 games have been a failure this season – the next 10 games will make or break the manager at this stage…NUMQUAM MORIBIMUR!

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