Crushing defeat at OT

Man Utd 0

Bournemouth 3

United went behind after less than 5 minutes when Bruno’s horrendous pass out of a defensive situation was not dealt with by our defence, Maguire was slow to close down the Bournemouth striker and he slotted in. Not a great start, but at that point I still thought that we should have enough to turn it round with practically all the match to play.

As the minutes passed it seemed evident that we were not at the races, also because you are only as good as your opponents allow you to be and Bournemouth, as opposed to Chelsea, were tight and we did not even manage to test their keeper up until HT.

Surely ETH will change things round at HT and introduce some changes, I said to myself. Incredibly, he sent out the same 11 for the second half and we had to wait for another 11 minutes for Martial to be taken off and replaced by Hojlund. Not that it really mattered on the day!

Bournemouth scored 3 more, the last one disallowed, rather harshly I may add, for a hands ball. Even VAR was pitying us by the end of the match! Rashford, Pellistri and Evans had come on by the time we were 0-3 down. A bit too late. Our defense failed miserably today and it is easy to point at the keeper but Maguire and Shaw were exposed big time today. Bruno also had a shocker but in reality, no one turned up and tactically we were poor as well.

As much as I believe that ETH is not the problem at our beloved club, and that he was sabotaged first by the Glazers during the summer transfer window, and then by players themselves, some of his decisions have been very poor this season. I have said it before, ETH had to have the balls to actually play the kids and give the finger to the Glazers, the primadonnas, and the whole world. He did not, and now, in my opinion, he has 2 matches to save his job at United.

Being realistic, I do not think that we have a chance of qualifying for the KO stage of the CL, and that we can get a result against the scousers, but football is illogical and I have been proved completely wrong and made to eat humble pie on many occasions. I am praying to the Gods that I will be eating humble pie on the 17 December at 8pm…NUMQUAM MORIBIMUR!

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